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The Coil-Over Commander 1001 - Load Machine
Part #: 3191001


This is the easiest coil-over load machine on the market. This coil-over load machine is different from others because everything is done with one ram. You can rate springs, bump loads and change springs all without having to take the shock off. No more having to unload a 16" tall spring or moving the mounts on the side of the load machine for different height springs. They have also installed a large ram with a very long stroke to make uninstalling 16" springs with a large amount of load an easy task. Changing springs with this machine is 40% faster since you can do everything all the other machines do without ever taking the shock off the machine.

Rate Springs
Change Springs
Wheel Loads
Set Bump Stop Gaps
Bump Stop Loads
Max Load Capacity 3000 lb.
Has manual & Pneumatic Option on Ram
Digital Shock Load Readout
1 Year Limited Warranty
Made in the USA

*Cups are sold seperately


The Coil-Over Commander 2001 - Cups

The Coil-Over Commander 2002-1 - Travel Indicator w/ Cup (Single)

The Coil-Over Commander 2002-2 - Travel Indicator w/ Cup (Pair)

The Coil-Over Commander 2003 - Travel Indicator NO cups (Single)

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