JOES 32501 - Aluminum Set Up Plate - Wide 5 / 5 Lug
Part #: 20832501


JOES Billet Aluminum Setup Plate is the perfect tool to help you accurately measure important aspects of your car like toe, wheelbase, yaw, rear toe, and bump steer.

Machined flat, with multiple lug patterns, our plates are best used with your car on jack stands, springs removed, and setup sticks installed with your suspension at full compression where it matters most. JOES Setup Plate Squaring Pegs are available separately so you can string your car to help with suspension angles.

Plates sold individually
Each plate has multiple lug patterns
Wide 5
5 x 5 (127mm)
5 x 4 (120.6mm)
5 x 4 (114mm)
Billet aluminum
Machined flat
Made in USA
Setup Plate Squaring Pegs come in pairs and are sold separately (P/N 32502)


JOES 32502 - Set Up Plate Squaring Pegs (Pair)

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