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JOES 19455 - Shock Pressure Inflation Tool - 200 Psi Digital
Part #: 20819455


JOES Shock Inflator System allows you to adjust gas pressure in your shocks ensuring pure nitrogen, free of air contamination, fills your expensive shocks or remote reservoirs. JOES Digital gauge gives you the precision you need. A bleed valve quickly drops pressure so you can meter the pressure to match your desired results. At JOES, we manufacture the inflator body for an ergonomic fit in your hand verses using cheap hardware store fittings. Our team produces quality that matches the investment you have in your expensive gas shocks. Swivel fittings make it easy to connect the long hose while the shocks are on or off the car. Control valves ensure a solid seal making quick work out of setting perfect shock pressures. Digital accuracy provides the resolution that cheap versions are unable to match. CNC Machining produces close tolerances for reliable and repeatable performance. When it comes to shock rebuilding JOES offers a complete line of top quality products that are manufactured by racers for racers.

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