SCE G1613 - Athesil RTV Silicone Sealant
Part #: 184G1613


Designed specifically for high-performance engines. Our new single-component RTV
silicone compound answers the needs of professional technicians and mechanics in the automotive, marine, motorcycle, heavy duty, and off-road industries.
Athesil bonds, seals, repairs, secures, and is excellent for formed-in-place
gasketing (FIPG).

Thermally stable from -40F to 430 F performing even at 572 F peaks.
Resists aging, weathering, and thermal cycling without hardening, shrinking, or cracking.
Can also be applied to the exhaust system and will not damage lambda sensors.

Other silicones tend to absorb gasoline, oil and other liquids causing deformation.
Athesil resists oils, fuels, greases, coolants, and detergents ensuring ideal shape retention and adhesion to surfaces
Athesil has excellent filling and self-leveling properties allowing for easy application on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.
Easily peelable for fast removal during engine rebuilding

2.7 oz / 80 ml
Each tube includes applicator tip & tube squeeze key!

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