Performance Trends - Roll Center Calculator
Part #: 111RC36C


The Roll Center Calculator lets you input, view, save, analyze and compare either Double A Frame or McPherson Strut front suspension geometry. The options for entering your geometry specs include: enter X & Y coordinates (distance and height from the car’s center-line at the ground), enter some X & Y coordinates and angles & lengths of arms, or retrieving one of the examples which comes with the program.

Once entered, the program will display calculated parameters like Instant Centers, Roll Center, King Pin Angle, Wheel Rate, Scrub Radius, and Camber Gain (the amount Camber will change for a certain amount of Dive and/or Roll). Then click on Yes for Show Dive & Roll and adjust Dive and/or Roll and watch Roll Center and Instant Centers move, camber change, and spring deflection. Spring deflection is useful to reproduce track conditions shown by your shock indicators.

The program has several options, including:

• McPherson Strut suspension analysis.
• Straight axle with panhard bar suspension analysis.
• Shimming option for double A Arm suspensions.
• ‘Draw Big’ option to draw and print the layout to a larger scale to more easily see details.
• Draw in imaginary "extension" lines to show how the Instant Centers and Roll Centers are arrived at.
• All dimensions, angles, lengths and Camber (if requested) are updated as you adjust other dimension (handy for McPherson Strut camber adjustments.)
• Change the definition of Camber Gain or use our standard definition of the amount of camber change for 1" of Dive.
• Adjusting the starting point, ending point, number of points, and whether Dive or Roll will be displayed in Rows or Columns.
• Selecting whether the Baseline conditions in the Camber Table are simply the previous Camber Table results, or whether they are some specific condition you have saved.
• Tire Scrub (lateral tire patch movement) as the car goes through dive and roll.
• Calculation utility screens to determine spring, torsion bar and anti-roll bar rates.
• More Details screen lets you more exactly locate the single 2-D frame mounts from the 2 actual frame mounts. This screen also lets you calculate Anti-Dive, and important handling parameter. See pic below.

The program is compatible with Windows 98, Me, XP, 2000, NT or Vista, which means it is easy to use and you will be able to print the results on most any printer, usually in color if your printer supports it.


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