Loctite 38725 - Thread Treatment Stick Kit
Part #: 11038725


The first solid form of threadlocking, thread sealing, and anti-seize products to embody the same reliable performance you've come to expect from Loctite. They're neat. They're
clean. And they couldn't be easier to apply. Just remove the cap, wipe it on, replace the cap, and toss it in your pocket or toolbox

Thread Treatment Stick products add a new dimension to the Loctite line of industrial maintenance and repair adhesives, sealants, and lubricants. Because of their unique characteristics, Loctite Thread Treatment products are the perfect complement to Loctite's expansive line of liquid products.

Convenient: small enough to be "pocket friendly"
No leaks, drips, or spills
Keeps toolboxes, workbenches, and hands clean
Solid formula: great for overhead use
Functional for a full range of uses

Kit Includes:
Blue Threadlocker Stick
Red Threadlocker Stick
PST Thread Sealent Stick
Silver Anti-Seize Stick
Copper Anti-Seize Stick


Loctite - 37700 Red Threadlocker Stick, High Strength

Loctite - 37614 Blue Threadlocker Stick - Medium Strength

Loctite 37615 - Thread Sealant Stick

Loctite 37617 - Silver Grade Anti-Seize Stick

LOCTITE 37616 - LB 8065 Copper Grade Anti-Seize Stick


Loctite 620 - High Temperature Retaining Compound 36 ML Bottle 38652

Loctite 37418 - 242 Blue Threadlocker, Medium Strength , 0.20 FL.OZ

Loctite 37566 - Silver Grade Anti-Seize Lubricant

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