LHC 001LH2000 - Quick Bump Stop Stick Adjuster with Travel Indicator
Part #: 001LH2000


There are other bump sticks on the market but we designed this one to work perfectly with our 2015 Chassis. We tested these a full year on our house car with great success. This is the easiest way to set up and change bumpstops at the track on the fly. The body is threaded making adjustments easy. No more need for packers.

Detent ball with a groove on the body 180 apart for fine tuning
A full turn is equivalent to a 1/8" packer

Quick Bump Stick Adjuster
Travel Indicator
Divider Washers
Rod Ends & Jam Nuts


RE Suspension - RSW Bump Stops 1.00" Tall

Right Foot - 1" Tall Bump Stop Pucks

LHC 001LH1000 - Quick Bump Stick Adjuster Only

LHC 001LH10001 - Shaft Only for Bump Stick

LHC 001LH10007 - Bump Stick Travel Indicator Kit

LHC 001LH100010 - Bottom Eyelet Plate

LHC O-Ring 001LH100012 - for Bump Stop Travel Indicator

RE Suspension WASHER0 - Bump Stop Divider Washer

LHC 001LH100011 - Travel Rod With / O-Rings, Jams Only

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