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Wilwood - XRZero Race Calipers
Wilwood’s next generation XRZERO race calipers combine decades of race experience, computer finite element analysis, and stateof-the-art machining into a race caliper that is lighter and stiffer, with zero drag. The unique
high surface area body shape creates a caliper with superior brake fluid cooling and allows more air to flow through the rotor.

• Optimized profile high-temperature seals for better piston retraction and zero drag
• Unique center X-bridge strengthens caliper without adding mass or obstructing airflow
• FEA design and precision machining results in a caliper weighing just 4.66 pounds - 1/2 pound less than a comparable Wilwood Superlite
• Innovative high surface area body removes unnecessary bulk, improving cooling without increased deflection
• Hard-anodized inside and out with durable Type III aluminum-oxide ceramic finish
• Staggered-bore front calipers provide more even engagement and improved pad wear
• Thermlock® thermal barrier pistons and high-temperature seals reduce heat transfer to fluid
• Single-point bleed technology with low-profile bleed screws for more efficient fluid bleeding
• No-bind retaining pins hold your choice of race compound brake pads
• 0.80”/20.3mm thick brake pads for extended service life
• Three piston sizes for front and rear use and 0.81” or 1.25” width rotors
• Includes 3/8-24 banjo bolt and fitting to connect caliper to -3 flex line


Part # Description Price
00612016460 1.88" / 1.75" Right Hand - 1.25" Rotor $799.95 
00612016461 1.88" / 1.75" Left Hand - 1.25" Rotor $799.95 
00612016464 1.50" Left or Right Hand - 1.25" Rotor $799.95 
00612016465 1.50" Left or Right Hand - 0.81" Rotor $799.95 
00612016466 1.38" Left or Right Hand - 1.25" Rotor $799.95 
00612016467 1.38" Left or Right Hand - 0.81" Rotor $799.95 


Wilwood - XRZ24R Radial Bracket Mounts - Clocked 10º

Wilwood - XRZ24R Brake pads

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