ULTRA - Adjustable Low Friction Ball Joint - Upper Screw In
Our NEW adjustable ball joints are the newest edition to the ULTRA low friction ball joints. These ball joints can be taken apart for cleaning and maintenance. They feature a low profile design for more clearance to the wheel. The also have a gun drilled ball which not only makes it lighter, it allows a larger amount of grease. The ball is cross drilled for the grease to evenly distribute to the walls of the ball joint housing. The Ball/Stud is designed to automotive standards to the stud will bend before it breaks.

NOT FOR STREET USE - Off road use only
Taper fits upper eye on tubular spindle
High Quality - affordably priced
Small or big tires - car raised or lowered, these ball joints will get the desired angles back where they need to be
32 Swing angle to allow Maximum suspension travel
Weighs 1.2 LBS

Same stud taper as 081-1162 or Moog K-772
Same small thread as 081-1162 or Moog K-772
001-6200 Replaces 081-1162, Moog K-772, TRW 10162, Howe 22320 or Afco 20034LF
Thread O.D. of 1.830"

NOTE: To adjust simply tighten the cap until all end play is gone. Then back off 1/8 of a turn. Make sure to always reinstall the slotted washer and screws.


Part # Description Price
0016150ADJ - 1/2" Shorter Stud $49.49 
0016200ADJ Standard Stud $49.49 
0016250ADJ +1/2" Longer Stud $49.49 
0016210ADJ +1" Longer Stud $49.49 
0016200150ADJ +1.5" Longer Stud $49.49 


ULTRA - Replacement Studs for Upper Ball Joints

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